A-Z by Mathie Ivan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has launched a sportswear brand : a-z
Here is some pictures of the international press announcement in Paris.

Aeronautic Atelier by Mathie Ivan

Shooting with and for Forget me not in an aeronautic atelier a few weeks ago - I share 2 portraits I really like - it can give you the flavour of the light and colors and the smell (!) of the experience ! #Forget me not #neverforgettable #alwaysgoodtime #assignement #forgetmenot #bordeaux #aeronautic #worker #industry

Documentary photography workshop - Amsterdam by Mathie Ivan

Just came back from Amsterdam, where I attended to a great workshop with Donald Weber entitled : " Risky Business: The Economics of Storytelling".

I met there a lot of photographers and I really appreciate the work of some of them :





Check them out !

Airbnb Open - Paris by Mathie Ivan

We were 4 photographers and 5 editors in charge of the shooting (press, socials, blog, sponsors and documentation) for the Airbnb Open / Parc de la Villette / Paris two weeks ago.
All the crew worked very hard and was composed by Claire-Lise Havet, Julie Balagué, Thibaut Voisin, Sophie Cuffia, Lauriane Thiriat, Richard Dell'aiera, Claire Israel and last but not least Nicolas Cardin !
It was a great experience we shared together and the occasion to better understand the power and the success of the hospitality brand Airbnb !

Special thanks to Tiffany, Julie, Joy, Divya from Civic US and Rebecca and Adam from Airbnb !!!

Documentary photography WORKSHOP : back from Organ Vida Photo Festival Zagreb by Mathie Ivan

Just arrived from the excellent « Organ Vida Photo Festival » in Zagreb where I went to join the workshop « Do It Yourself Storytelling » hosted by Rob Hornstra (The Sochi Project).

Here are some memories of this great time:

eating burek with cheese every morning /

walking with my new sneakers Startas Organ Vida made in Croatia /

Otto Hainzl presenting his book (« Corviale » http://www.artbooksheidelberg.de/html/detail/en/otto-hainzl-978-3-86828-596-3.html) to Igor Marchestan.

Thanks everyone, for this exciting workshop and nights in Zagreb!

Hope to see you soon!



"Narcisse" de Nocod Studio by Mathie Ivan


Design > Collaboration photographique  > Nocodstudio (http://www.nocod.fr/)

Photographies de presse du nouveau fauteuil "Narcisse" dévoilé  à l'occasion de la Paris Design Week !

Floriane et Baptiste Dosne, architectes et designers, présentent Narcisse, un fauteuil qui aborde la question de la mise en résonance des objets et de leur environnement. Tel un tableau mouvant, vibrant sous la lumière.